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Critics contend the new law will also lead to the closure of senior arcades. It was a quick action taken against the gaming centers that were surrounded by controversy. Actually yes it did if you go by the exact letter of the law.

These two priorities are a part of our agenda to keep our economy growing and creating jobs and a highly trained workforce. The Gold Mine on Lem Turner Road near Edgewood Avenue on the Northside is just one of the businesses where state law enforcement agents seized evidence and closed it Thursday. If you operate outside the law, you are a target.

Will judge throw out evidence, statements in Ronnie Hyde case? Sentencing phase continues for Donald Davidson Clay County. The take-away from today's actions is that we're simply not going to put up with businesses that continue to defy the laws of this state.

FDLE raids 7 Internet cafes in Jacksonville 20 more statewide

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. We have heard lots of talk in support of these priorities. Many customers could be spotted for hours trying and failing to enter the internet cafe on N. Now is the time for action.

Monroe Street, just as should be the case across the rest of the state. Family identifies woman shot, killed in friend's home wants justice Jacksonville. Man shot twice in Phoenix neighborhood, expected to survive Jacksonville. Madison man's death ruled as homicide by police.

FDLE Provides Guidance Regarding New Internet Caf Laws

Prosecutors say for-profit businesses brazenly breaking gambling laws

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Get email alerts for local stories and events around the world. Legislators voted overwhelmingly last week to approve the ban. Last week state legislators overwhelmingly passed the law. Along with Thursday's operation, Vega was also arrested on a warrant from an earlier investigation conducted by State Attorney Willie Meggs in Tallahassee. We look forward to turning our focus back on jobs and education in this session.

FDLE Provides Guidance Regarding New Internet Caf Laws

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office arrested five Internet cafe site managers as part of the operation. Rick Scott passed the bill that put a ban on internet cafes and on slot machines in April this year and the bill was pushed through state legislation extremely quickly. Vega was charged with keeping a gambling house, manufacture, sale, possession of coin operated devices, lottery, and plays at games of chance.

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Two shot, one dead in shootout off Lem Turner Road Jacksonville. The law takes affect immediately and it's up to local law enforcement to make sure that happens. Family identifies woman shot, killed in friend's home wants justice.

Rick Scott whizzed the bill through. Click Here to access the online Public Inspection File. The storefront operations targeted by the bill currently allow customers to play sweepstakes games that simulate slot machines.

What Is the Future of Internet Sweepstakes Cafes and Online Poker

Governor Jennifer Carroll was associated with a charity that was shut down, as it was believed that it was being used for an internet gambling business. As quickly as the Governor made the call to ban the cafes, slot nut casino the Top Dawg Internet Cafe in Tallahassee closed their doors.